each day something seems to get nerfed or broken

<a href="each day something seems to get nerfed or broken” link=”_new”>each day something seems to get nerfed or broken

The SBTV app never did a reset at 3am like it normally does so it's saying I reached my limit. The SBTV watch doesn't credit anymore. I started using that a few days ago. The radio thing on their site doesn't give credit SB either. Site just went major downhill. It took me over a little over 2hrs just to get 100SB since 3am using Ngage, Ncraves and the other phone apps that do work.

I knew when Jan hit I was going to get less compared to what I was getting the last few months. Use to only take 30-45mins to get 100SB. Well it went from 115SB in 1hr from beginning of Jan to today a 45SB in 1hr. Feels like i'm running out of ways to make SB now.

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