Shop & Earn not getting credited

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Swagbucks is trying to get out of crediting me my 1,000 SB. I bought 2 $50 gift cards from MyGiftCardsPlus when they had an offer of 10x SB back for every dollar spent.

I am not letting this go. My recent customer exchange dealing with the issue.

Daniel G. (Help Center) Jan 8, 2:29 PM

Hi xxxxxx,

Sorry about the confusion with Shop and Earn offer it is up to 10 SB per $1 and the amount will show on the when you are choosing the value of the card you want to purchase. I reviewed your account and were credited on this date 12/15:

Swagbucks Rewards 12/15/15 07:18:36 PM 450 MyGCP MyGCP: Promo: 150 SB

If you have any questions on this issue please write me back. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


Daniel Swagbucks Help Center

Email I sent:

No, it said 10x per dollar spent, not "up to". I spent $100. $100 times 10 = 1,000SB. I definitely was not credited the 1,000 SB.

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