'Disqualified' for survey a month ago, received survey's product in mail to evaluate, no SB rewarded

A month ago, I did a survey on beverage consumption. At the end, to qualify completely, they ask that you provide details and that you partake in a study about regular cola consumption, in which they send 3 blank cans of soda for you to evaluate. I thought it would be neat, so I did.

Upon completion, I was directed to the confirmation/completion page, and after about 10-20 seconds, I was redirected to Swagbucks, and rewarded 1 SB with the message "Sorry, you did not qualify for this" or something. I didn't think much of it, but today I received the product in the mail as promised.

What I want to know is, what can I do to get the original amount of SB that was to be rewarded? I'm not really concerned if I can't, because I think it's cool to take part in such a study, but with no reward, it just feels kind of stale since I did have to provide my information.

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