MLK Day Weekend Sales Event!


Who else is excited about the 3 day weekend coming up? It’s MLK Day Weekend! A National Holiday to celebrate civil rights and all of the great freedoms our country affords us.

In honor of MLK Day we are offering you unprecedented deals on Gift Cards. Starting Thursday, January 14th through Monday, January 18th earn an extra 25% Cash Back on your Gift Card purchases from MyGiftCardsPlus*. We know that all your favorite retailers are celebrating MLK Day Weekend with fabulous sales, so stock up on Gift Cards with MyGiftCardsPlus and earn SB, both when you purchase your Gift Cards and when you make your online purchases. We like to call it layering savings.

That’s not all. On your first Gift Card purchase on Monday, January 18th you will also earn a 100 SB Bonus in addition to the extra 25% Cash Back.**

Let freedom ring!

-Team Swagbucks

*Extra 25% to be applied at checkout. SB will awarded when the gift card is delivered, not at time of purchase.
**Your first Gift Card purchase on Monday, January 18th means your first Gift Card purchase made on that day. If you have made a MyGiftCardsPlus purchase prior to Monday, January 18th you will still receive the 100 SB Bonus.

Source: Swag Blog

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