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What is /r/Swagbucks

The Swagbucks subreddit, /r/Swagbucks, is a community of Swaggernauts looking to help each other increase their SB earnings each and every day without exploiting the system.


Our rules can be seen in the sidebar. In simplest terms, don't spam or cheat and be respectful! If you do break a rule, you may be banned. If you are, simply reply to the ban message stating what rule you broke and you will likely be unbanned. Mods reserve the right to remove or restrict users' posting privileges at their discretion.

User Flair

Edit your user flair by clicking on "edit" under the "Subscribe" button at the top of the sidebar. Select a user flair based on which country you're using Swagbucks.

Post Flair

After making a post, please flair your post by clicking on "flair" and selecting a relevant post flair. Post flairs are subject to being updated.

Some Cool Things we have!

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