2016 – Quarter 1 – 2nd Referral Contest Winner

Our referral contest winner is /u/Brakelights. Congratulations! They will have their referral link featured on the sidebar for 2 weeks. To enter next quarter's referral contest please check out the information below.

Swagbucks Referral Contest

  1. There will be a quarterly google docs sheet to enter the following required information:

    • Reddit Username (Do NOT include "/u/")
    • Referral Link with http:// (Must be link)
    • Shortlink/Permalink to a quality post/comment you made on /r/swagbucks from the past 30 days.
      Please use common sense when selecting your post/comment.
  2. There will be a new winner every 2 weeks selected from the entries of that quarters entries using a random list generator.

    • You will not be able to win multiple times in a quarter.
    • You can win once in each quarter.
  3. Entering in one quarter (i.e. January thru March) does not enter you for any other quarter (i.e. April thru June). Below are the quarters for your convenience:

    • 1st quarter: January, February, March
    • 2nd quarter: April, May, June
    • 3rd quarter: July, August, September
    • 4th quarter: October, November, December
  4. The entry period for each quarter will always be the last week of the last month of the previous quarter (Unless stated otherwise.)

    • i.e. Entry period for Jan, Feb, Mar quarter will be the last week of December.
    • The entry period may or may not be a full week. It depends on how the dates work out.
    • If you miss the entry period for a quarter you're out of luck till next quarter's entry period. No exceptions.
  5. The winner will have their referral link featured in the sidebar for two weeks. A post will be made announcing the winner.

Disqualification & Other

  • If you don't follow the rules for entering, your entry will disqualified.
  • Entering more than once during an entry period will get you disqualified.
  • Winning does not guarantee you will get referrals.
  • Winning does guarantee you will have your link featured on the sidebar.
  • Mods are prohibited from participating.
  • If you're typically a lurker, try to be helpful and/or participate in discussions so you'll be able to enter next quarter.

Previous Contests and Winners

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