[Canada, UK, etc.] Mega Watch List

Hello everyone! This is the Mega Watch List for people that can't use the US videos. I'm pretty sure these should work in the UK as well.

I'm sure a lot of you know about the other watch list by /u/hiddenmage, but for Canadians and I think UK and maybe Australia, the videos on that list don't work for Canadians.

I thought there were no good videos for us, but someone brought to my attention that there were still lots of 3/1SB playlists. I looked for them and found lots, and now I'll compile them, as a way to give back to this community!

As of now, the list is small, but growing as I look for the playlists. Stay tuned and drop a comment so I know someone appreciates this!

Right now I'm going through each video genre and copying all of them that are under 4/1SB. There will be more short playlists once I get through all of the genres.

2 videos/1SB or 50%

Marketing Your Business

3 videos/1SB or 33%



4 videos/1SB or 25%

Stealing Gets Your Nowhere Fast

Odd Student Situations

Networking Tips

Amazing Accomplishments

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