2 offers, 12 SB each (possibly 16 more)

all are in Offertoro

1) 12 SB: Diabetic Sweets & Treats (Select Type 2 diabetes…

this took just a few minutes to credit after completing the first page. it was the very first offer on the first wall.

2) 12 SB: Cash Dazzle

control+F "dazzle" and you should find it (if not, it wasn't too far down the first offer wall). it credited about 10 minutes after confirming email address. after you do it, it will tell you to download some crap but i did not and was still credited.

3) 16 SB: Animalines (Play For 6 Minutes)

this is a browser game, no download required. i have not been credited yet but figure if you don't mind sending in a ticket tomorrow you could give it a try. it's actually a pretty fun puzzle game (other than the fact that you have to watch an ad after each level… you can skip them after 5 seconds though).

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