Need help in earning more Swagbucks. Here's what i do…

Downloaded all 6 mobile apps and they are each a max. of 18 SB I watch… 6×18=108 SB

I play the games until i max out up to 10 SB

I do the the To Do List -Daily Poll and NOSO 2SB

I don't watch online because you earn pretty little and it's time consuming…about 36 SB/ hour

Surveys never work for me… I always get a message like "You don't qualify for this survey" or "Bummer, this survey wasn't a match" I always get disqualified except one time…I take my time doing surveys and input legit info. But it's so time consuming redirecting you to different survey sites that rarely pay.

I never shop online…

Special Offers: I do some of those small offers that give SB. Like signing up for sites and easy SB… Games in the Special Offers never work for me and offers that requires you to download apps on a mobile device don't work for me either. I don't do paid offers.

Search: I do search sometimes and it gives me a bit of SB each day ( How much do you earn through search daily?)

Peanut Lab Surveys: Keeps saying "Bummer, this survey wasn't a match" and keeps giving me 1 SB for the disqualification

Swag Codes: I input roughly about 3 codes each day about 3 SB each…

I tried referring but my friends don't really like earning…

Inbox: it does sometimes gives "Watch and Earn" daily for 2 SB for a video per day

"My Swag Ups" I have no idea what it is… It keeps saying "There's nothing here… yet."

Yeah that's pretty much what i do daily… Any suggestions, am i missing anything? Any tips and other ways to earn more? How much do you earn daily?Thanks

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