I just want to say Thank You!!!

I've been toying with Swagbucks for over a year, in which time I've barely managed to get 2 Amazon gift cards for $5 each. Needless to say, I'd given up on it a few months ago. Then this week our double stroller completely broke apart. I have three kids (ages 2,4 and 6) with another due in April. So obviously the stroller wasn't a necessity… but it sure helped! A lot!!! I couldn't justify stretching our household budget to replace it though, so I decided to jump online and see what I could earn on SB and a few other websites I've used previously. That's what led me to search Reddit for suggestions and led me to r/swagbucks. And let me just say YOU GUYS ROCK! I've only been active again on Swagbucks for the last three days… and just requested my 2nd Amazon gift card in that time!!! With your help I've accomplished in three days what took me over a year to do on my own. And I know that $10 in gift cards is a drop in the bucket compared to what a lot of you pull in regularly on SB but it's an awesome start for me. I've got new confidence that this stroller thing will actually happen now. So I just want to thank you all for the tips and encouragement. You'll see me hanging around often now! 🙂

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