Weird Question about Visa Reward Cards

ok this might be confusing so thanks to anyone that takes the time to comprehend this. if i need to explain something more, let me know.

so some people around here are saying that they use a prepaid Visa credit card for doing offers that require a credit card. are you using the Visa Reward Card offered by Swagbucks? it says "Debit" on it. are they actually debit cards and people are just calling them credit cards? are there prepaid credit cards AND debit cards? if there are, do the prepaid debits work in the same way as credit cards? ie can you use them for credit card offers

also, i got a prepaid Visa "giftcard" for Christmas. it looks pretty much exactly like the one in the Swagbucks rewards store except it says "Gift Card" in the top right corner (it says "Debit" in the bottom right too). again, are these different from prepaid credit/debit cards or are they all basically the same thing?

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