Is it normal to submit 5-6 Help Center tickets a day? Or am I doing something wrong?

I never seem to receive SB's as promised for app download, inbox offers or surveys. The first day I noticed the issue, I had been keeping track in my head that I had earned 215 SB's one day… but only got credited 15!! I wrote the HelpCenter and they needed the specific offers (which I hadn't documented). Lesson learned! Now I screen shot every offer (including details of wait time for SB to credit) as well as proof of completion of offer. I literally have to submit 5 or 6 Help Center tickets PER DAY, with proof, in order to get any of the SB's I've earned. Granted, the help Center (specifically Erin) has always complied with my requests… but why is it necessary almost every time?! It's so frustrating!!! Is this normal? I have the same issue on the app, PC and laptop. It makes Swagbucks take three times as much work to use. šŸ™

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