Question: Unable to retroactively have a completed survey applied to date it was completed

Granted, it's only a potential bonus difference of 100SB, but that is still a good little chunk of change for me.

1.) My first daily goal on Jan. 1 was 30 (THIRTY) SB

2.) I completed a survey late on Jan. 1, which would have brought my SB total above 30 SB, but was not credited.

3.) I promptly sent a request to have my SB credited (though I only provided a screenshot)—I did NOT note nor do I have a record of the survey number—within probably 12 hours or less. They adjusted my SB AND applied it for a day within a few days AFTER Jan. 1st; in the initial e-mail I specifically said: It doesn’t matter when the SB is credited. I was not too concerned @ the time about reaching daily bonus streaks.

4.) I’ve since changed my mind regarding the bonus streak and a few weeks later, have sent a new request to SB. Oddly enough, they’ve applied the SB to my account for the survey I completed more than once actually, so I suppose I can’t complain too much really to be honest now thinking about it, but none of the times were for Jan. 1.

5.) I’ve met my first daily goal EACH day this month so far, so I am ultimately asking for an opportunity to gain a 31-day bonus streak.

I’m wondering now though—is there any way to get them to apply the SB to my account for Jan. 1, this late? I thought I made it pretty clear in my second e-mail, but it seems they didn’t read it or they may be unable to do what I have asked for. Yes, I realize it's nice to have such an opportunity in my back pocket, but I personally find the temptation to try to reach the daily goal to be a bit of a hassle.

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