Hi All,

My router isn’t great for this type of work.  It’s a solid and reliable router (an older Linksys), but it doesn’t have the throughput for my computer, my two farms, the Roku, the iPad, the iPhone…you get the picture.  Sometimes this results in dropped connections or bad performance of my farms.  Until I can afford a new router (assuming I want one), I figured out a good solution.

Swagbucks and Perk both play ads and videos in alternating order.  Both stream them in real time to your phone, without pre-buffering of the entire video…but they don’t do so equally.  Perk has a “low bandwidth” option which Swagbucks does not.

The low bandwidth option in Perk changes the service so that low-resolution, smaller video files are used, hence, more bandwidth is available for other tasks.

To solve my bandwidth woes, I now run one farm on Swagbucks while the other farm is running Perk in low bandwidth mode.  As the various Swagbucks apps reach their limit, I switch that phone to Perk, and then turn on of the phones in the current Perk farm on to a Swagbucks app, until it reaches its max and then I switch it to Perk (note, since Swagbucks has 6 apps, but only allows five phones at a time, the first phone to reach its’ assigned app’s max is first pointed at the last Swagbucks app prior to being assigned to Perk).

Happy earning!

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