Saving Hacks: Renee’s House

Few things are more gratifying than hearing about all of the innovative ways you save money. It’s not always just about dollars and cents, each dollar and each cent tells a unique story about each and every one of you. Here’s one story about a Swagbucks user who really knows how to make her money work for her:

Renee is from Bellevue, Nebraska and has been a Swagbucks user for a little over two years. She and her family are in the midst of trying to build their dream home, amazing right? Renee redeemed many of her SB for PayPal gift cards for the ongoing expenses of building the house and then she discovered MyGiftCardsPlus over Christmas.

“I first heard about MyGiftCardsPlus around the Christmas season, when it rolled out. I was interested in it then, but didn’t have anything on the pipeline to buy yet. I knew I would use them soon, just didn’t know what for!”

It didn’t take long for Renee to find a use for MyGiftCardsPlus. Renee had budgeted about $10,000 towards new household appliances, a fridge, oven, range, microwave, washer and dryer, dishwasher, you name it, for her new home. She had everything picked out but was just lying in wait to strike at the right deal.

“Then last week, Best Buy had our dishwasher on sale, the lowest price we had ever seen. We had a 10% moving coupon from Lowe’s, and we also knew that they would price match. So, we pulled the trigger. Lowe’s also had the lowest price on our convection oven and range hood, so off I went to MyGiftCardsPlus and bought $3,000 in gift cards to Lowe’s! It was so easy – and secure. I earned almost $100 using MyGiftCardsPlus, which is an amazing bonus! Along with the sale prices and other discounts, we saved over $500 on this purchase!”

A house built with Swagbucks and MyGiftCardsPlus! These are the kind of money saving stories we hear each and every day from all of you that inspire us to continue striving to be the web’s leading rewards destination. Not convinced by Renee’s story, there are countless others using MyGiftCardsPlus to save money!

Thanks to linking my account with Swagbucks, your “discount rate” was better than anyone else’s out there. As long as that’s the case, which it most likely will be, I will be happy to continue shopping through MyGiftCards versus other discounted gift card sites. – SBarton, Jan 31, 2016

I like that there are swagbucks with purchases of gift cards. This makes me want to buy from them instead of straight through the store vendor. It is like money back on gift cards. -Chayse, Jan 23, 2016

It was very easy to shop at Great selection of cards and earning swagbucks for something I would buy anyway was a great bonus. -Gwyn, Jan 24, 2016

This works great because I shop at CVS every week & swagbucks is a bonus! -Annette, Jan 22, 2016

This was my first experience with MyGiftCards, and it was very easy to navigate their site. When the need for gift cards arises again, I will certainly check them out! -Angie, Jan 18,2016

I like that I can link my swagbucks account to be rewarded. This partnership with swagbucks will bring be back to mygiftcardsplus. -smm07, Feb 5, 2016

i love the idea of combining a gift card with getting swagbucks just an extra savings and anything I can do to save money and help my family I am all about. – Romero, Feb 5, 2016

Do you have money saving tips you would like to share? Send them over to! We’re a community and what better way to keep our community strong by helping each other.

-Team Swagbucks

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