5 new LG Fuels, only one has problems with Perk TV?

I just ordered 5 LG Fuels from Net 10 (new, not refurbished). 4 of them seem to be working great, running Perk TV/PWS for a decent amount of time before needing me to click/reset, etc. But one phone is having problems with both apps. I'll delete cache data, reset the phone, etc., but it only seems to run either app for about 20 minutes before the screen goes dark. I've changed the display settings to keep the screen always on, but it appears to be the app, because when I hit the center button it goes back to the home screen, and I need to hard close the app to get it back up.

Has anyone had this problem before? It's weird because only one phone does it and they all started at the same time. What do you recommend I try to fix it?

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