Hi All,

Unfortunately Swagbucks has changed their payment structure of the mobile app SBTV.  All Swagbucks mobile apps except SBTV had a maximum earnings potential of 10 SB’s where SBTV had 36.  Now SBTV has been reduced to 10 SB as well.

It’s not all bad news though.  Once the maximum has been reached on any mobile app, you have the chance to enter “bonus” mode by continuing to watch.  In bonus mode you can continue to earn on the same earnings schedule as usual (15 videos for 2 SB) until you’re notified that you are no longer in bonus.

Assuming no bonus, with a maximum of 60 SB earned each day, you should be able to earn $5 each 8 1/3 days from mobile apps, or ~$18 a month.

Additionally, they have added a category to all mobile apps except SBTV called “Short Clips”.  These are stand up comedy “shots” usually about 30 seconds long or less, so you can earn much faster than normal.

The changes have changed the way we use Swagbucks mobile apps.  Currently, I’ll have each of the five phones in my SB farm earning each on a different mobile app.  When one maxes out, so long as it isn’t in bonus mode, I’ll switch it to an app that hasn’t been used before that day.  If there are no unused apps, I move that phone to earning on Perk TV – there are no arbitrary maximums on Perk.

I think this will maximize my earnings per month.

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