I don’t have a fancy hair style.  I go to the barber and I get it clipped with clippers.  This month, I decided to stop giving my money to the barber and to have my wife cut my hair for me.  I bought a Wahl clipper set using the credit I’d earned on Amazon through Swagbucks and Perk for $20.

My barber charges me $25 a haircut (not counting tip) but my wife is free (well, she’ll figure out a way to make me pay, I’m sure) and I don’t have to tip her (…..).  So I saved $25.

Though I’m only up $5 due to the cost of the clipper set, that cost will prorate over each individual haircut – it will asymptotically approach zero cost.  So I’m putting it in cost and the savings of $25 in savings…but that’s not good enough.

I want that saved money to also EARN money.

So what do I do?  I’m thinking about investing it.

I’ll get back to you.

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