Just another Wednesday at the Perk offices! Panda dance party!

With http://www.perk.com you can earn rewards just by watching videos, playing games, searching the internet, and shopping online!

Just like getting rewards for using your credit card, Perk rewards you for what you’re already doing on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone.

Earn Perk points by watching entertaining videos, shopping at your favorite online stores, and by searching the web using Perk Search.

Perk TV –
iOS – http://perk.fm/v9ki
Android – http://perk.fm/4dqup

Perk Pop Quiz –
iOS – http://perk.fm/4dnah

Perk Prize Mob –
iOS – Coming Soon!
Android – http://perk.fm/4lipk

Perk Browser –
iOS – http://perk.fm/szoj
Android – http://perk.fm/4dqus

Perk Scratch & Win –
iOS – Coming Soon!
Android – http://perk.fm/4lipu

Perk Wallet –
iOS – http://perk.fm/4ext7
Android – http://perk.fm/4dqv0

Perk Shopping –
iOS – http://perk.fm/onwo
Android – http://perk.fm/4lipt

Perk Search –
iOS – http://perk.fm/syy1
Android – http://perk.fm/4bs00

Then trade those points for things you love – cash, gift cards, airline miles, electronics and more!

It’s easy to earn! Start using Perk today!

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