Perk, the Dark Horse of Passive Phone Income

A year or so ago, Perk drastically reduced its payout.  At that time I ceased using Perk in favor of Swagbucks.  However, recently, Swagbucks also reduced its potential earnings from passive phone work – each phone app can earn only 10 SB’s a day, unless it gets into “bonus” mode (a random occurrence where you earn the same amount of SB as you did before, but only after a random number of video views which will never be less than the normal, and can be drastically higher, and only for a certain number of cycles).

With this Swagbucks setup, I can reach my passive earning goals at Swagbucks on one phone, freeing up four phones per farm (five is the maximum number Swagbucks or Perk allow for any one account).  Those four I put to Perk, which also earns lower than it used to, still earns above ROI on any phone in any day its running and allows earnings throughout the day/night.

Perk used to by my favorite.  Then they reduced payments and I lost interest.  Now though, it fills a necessary gap in earnings.  Perk is my dark horse.

Today I earned another $5 at Perk...completely passively!  Click above to sign up for Perk and earn a free bonus.
Today I earned another $5 at Perk…completely passively! Click above to sign up for Perk and earn a free bonus.

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