Today I Vaccinated an Afghani Child with MMR for only $1.27!

As you know I donate about 10% of my beer money earnings to charity.   Generally I choose between planting a tree with Treecycler (costs $0.99) and redeeming $1.00 worth of KarmaKarma points (right now, KKP’s are discounted 15% on Swagbucks, so it only costs $0.85).

Today I redeemed 85 SB for 1000 KKP’s which equates to a worth of $1.00 costing only $0.85.  Generally I spend my KKP’s in the developing world, where the buying power of the dollar is much higher.  Today I chose to spend 1500 KKP’s to vaccinate an Afghani child against Measles, Mumps and Rubella – the MMR.  This cost only $1.275.  That is a lot of benefit for such a small cost.

To join KarmaKarma, click the screenshot.
To join KarmaKarma, click the screenshot.
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