Yesterday I bought some clothes online at Banana Republic.  Since I went through Ebates I earned 2% cash back on my order, but since I also used my BR store card I earned an additional 10% back as a sort of statement credit on my BR account.

Click above to sign up for Ebates and get a free $10 bonus!
Click above to sign up for Ebates and get a free $10 bonus!

Here is how it worked:  before going on my shopping trip I logged in to my Ebates account and clicked through to the Banana Republic online store.  I filled up my cart and made sure to pay with my BR store card.  When you shop with your BR store card at BR, Gap or Old Navy, you earn 1 point per dollar spent (sometimes more).  When your point balance reaches 250, you get a $15.00 credit to use in the Gap consortium (BR, Gap, Old Navy).

This does not lessen your balance at the time of purchase!  This is a credit you earn by shopping.  This is a good thing though, because Ebates calculates your rebate based on your order total – so you want the order to be as large as possible to get the most of that rebate.

As usual, I won’t be adding my rebate amount to our rolling total until the cheque is paid.  I’ll be investing the total as well so I can compound the earnings (check my investing page soon!).


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