Late last year I signed up for the AMC Stubs loyalty program.  If you go to movies, and there is an AMC in your area, I highly recommend joining.

When I joined it was $9 a year, though now it is $20 per year.  For that $20 you receive five stubs cards (for the entire family) with which to gain discounts and earn loyalty rewards.

When you make a purchase of tickets, or concessions using your stubs account, you earn 10% back for every dollar spent, redeemable as a credit in $10 chunks (e.g. once $100 is accumulated on the account from any person using it, you get a rebate of $10) – it’s a rebate.

Stubs members also enjoy free upgrades of popcorn and soda, and no-fee online ordering.

By far the best part of the deal though, is 1/2 off adult tickets on Tuesdays!  I use that feature to make it cheaper to enjoy “guilty pleasure” movies or movies I’m unsure of.

Today I received my first $10 rebate.  As usual with rebates and what not, I invested it.  This time I chose to invest it using Acorns, a robo-investor which has done well for me.  Even in this bad market, it’s returned 2% Y/Y where others are returning -4% over the same time frame.

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