I’ve decided to invest my beer money earnings from Swagbucks, Perk and other platforms in high-return investment vehicles.  For this I’ve chosen a platform called Prosper.  Prosper is a marketplace for debt notes, with each note costing at a minimum only $25.

I’ve bought notes in the total of all my beer money (and transferred beer money invested in other vehicles into Prosper) and I’m presently earning over 9% interested Y/Y including one default.

I have no more than $25 in any one borrower to spread risk.  I also invest in their wide array of risk levels (AA-HR) to avail myself of the high growth potential of high risk borrowers (HR) but to temper that risk with the lower-growth, but much more safe borrowers (AA).

Prosper has even general risk levels – AA, A, B, C, D, E, and HR.  In order to grow quickly but to abrogate as much risk as possible, I’ve decided upon an inverse pyramid investment plan.  Simply, for each one HR note, I must have two E, three D, and so on.  Not only does this mean I’ll have good high growth and also safety, but it means that each dollar I earn on high risk is pushed up into a lower risk category, in turn lowering the total risk of losing that dollar, but also availing that dollar of all the interest rates.

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