WOO! $100 on a Visa Debit Card from Schlesinger and Associates

Though you can always do surveys through InstaGC, Swagbucks, Tellwut, Perk, etc. (there are many, many sites with consumer surveys) nothing pays as well as a live focus group.

I’ve been doing focus groups since I was a teenager, but recently I found a few market research companies that I really like: Focus Point Global and Schlesinger and Associates.  They have offices all over the US and Europe and pay well.

Last night I earned $100 for a couple hours’ discussion.  The $100 came on a VISA debit card from a local bank (BofA) which is nice since withdrawing at one of their ATM’s s free – if I wanted cash.

While normally I’d invest the entire amount, our vacuum cleaner broke, so I used this money to replace it and bought Amazon.com credit with the rest.  On payday I will invest $100 to keep up my strategy though.

I highly recommend attending paid focus groups as an easy way to make money in your extra time.

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