New “Found Money” Offers at Acorns

Acorns (internal link) announced new “found money” offers today from Mod Cloth, The Body Shop, Michael Kors. Vitamin World and KiwiCo.

Investopedia (external link) defines found money as: “A sum of cash or financial account that the holder controls, has forgotten about, then rediscovered. Found money can refer to something as simple as leaving cash in a warm coat and finding it the next season, or a utility deposit that was uncollected after moving to a new address. Each state operates an unclaimed property agency to connect forgotten funds with rightful owners and many belong to a national database.”

On Acorns, found money is essentially a rebate, except, rather than find money you previously held, here, the partner companies invest a percentage of cost of the sale in your Acorns account.

The new partner “found money” rebates are:

  • The Body Shop – 3.5%
  • Michael Kors – 4%
  • Vitamin World – 2%
  • KiwiCo – 7.5%
  • ModCloth – 4%

You can see the cumulative results of our Acorns account on our results page (internal link), or check out Acorns (affiliate link) and begin investing today (and get a free $5.00 bonus for using our link)!

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