Acorns (internal link) announced new “found money” offers today from Mod Cloth, The Body Shop, Michael Kors. Vitamin World and KiwiCo.

Investopedia (external link) defines found money as: “A sum of cash or financial account that the holder controls, has forgotten about, then rediscovered. Found money can refer to something as simple as leaving cash in a warm coat and finding it the next season, or a utility deposit that was uncollected after moving to a new address. Each state operates an unclaimed property agency to connect forgotten funds with rightful owners and many belong to a national database.”

On Acorns, found money is essentially a rebate, except, rather than find money you previously held, here, the partner companies invest a percentage of cost of the sale in your Acorns account.

The new partner “found money” rebates are:

  • The Body Shop – 3.5%
  • Michael Kors – 4%
  • Vitamin World – 2%
  • KiwiCo – 7.5%
  • ModCloth – 4%

You can see the cumulative results of our Acorns account on our results page (internal link), or check out Acorns (affiliate link) and begin investing today (and get a free $5.00 bonus for using our link)!

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