1. I was doing Instant PayPal since the beginning of Aug and then it stopped. Contacted customer support and I was blocked from Instant PayPal for having too many devices. Never increased my devices or changed my routine in the past year except to use Instant PayPal. Averaged $2 a day via the web, 2 phones running perk.tv and 1 phone running App Trailers…something is going on with Perk. If the TOS says unlimited devices but i was blocked for too many devices then something is fishy.

    1. In my experience, the total number of devices you can run at the same time on Perk is five – a number which I have confirmed with Perk. I do not think this total includes devices running other services which utilize Perk’s advertising platform – such as Viggle or App Trailers.

      Did Perk or PayPal tell you you’d exceeded the device limit? Did they give a reason as to why this would effect PayPal instant? Were you able to redeem points for gift cards?

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