Last night I was invited by Schlesinger and Associates to participate in a focus group about a new product.  I love focus groups.  They are fun, you are fed (nothing special but, hey, free food is free!) and the pay is quite nice.

Yesterday we spoke for two hours, and I was paid $125 on a prepaid VISA debit card.  I also ate some good pizza.

I paid $12 to Uber to the location and back to my house, but I also ate three pieces of pizza (which together were the size of one normal by-the-slice piece, which go for around $3.50 where I’m from) so I’m going to put the total costs at $8.50 – $12 – $3.50 worth of pizza.

As usual, I bought $125 worth of Amazon credit with it and invested an equal value in my Prosper account (I count all non-salary money as found money).

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