Today I signed up for  Perk is like Swagbucks, or InstaGC, but with a much more slick interface and more apps.  With Perk, you can earn points for using their browser on your phone (iOS and Android), using their search engine, shopping with them, doing special offers, and small tasks, etc.

What I’m most interested in now is Perk TV.  It acts like Swagbucks TV – i.e. they play a video of content you “care about” after an ad, each content-ad pair is worth two points.  After you earn four points the points credit to your account.  After each two points, you must wait 10 seconds before the next pair is shown unless you intervene by pressing a button.

The difference between Swagbucks TV and Perk TV is that Perk has no daily limit (which is awesome) and they have a token system.  The tokens can only be earned by indicating after the content videos whether you like or dislike the content.  Each vote is worth 50 coins.  The coins can be turned in for sweepstakes entries (gift cards, Bitcoins, money via PayPal, etc.) and entries start at around 2000 coins.

I’m not interested in the lottery, so I won’t be voting to earn coins, it’s not worth my time.  What I’m interested in is the passive income opportunity Perk TV presents.

I’m running Perk TV on an Android phone I picked up for testing software for another project, so I’m not counting the cost of the phone against the earnings.  If you’re interested in which phone, let me know.

I’ll let you know when I redeem my first reward (probably an Amazon gift card) and how the program is working for me.


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