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I don’t have the Perk guide up yet, but I wanted to let you know that Perk has been working so flawlessly for me that I wanted to add more devices to my account to maximize earnings.  Perk allows up to five devices per account so today I bought two more phones on Amazon.com for a total of $38.98.

I opted for the Kyocera Event no-contract phones from Virgin Mobile.  They have WiFi capability and run Android 4.0 which is a requirement of Perk TV.  You can see them on Amazon here.

Right now I’m averaging about 1000 points per day on the phone I have running Perk TV.  On Perk, each point is worth $0.001 so I’m earning about $1.00 per day, meaning I’ll break even on these phones in just under 39 days once they arrive, not counting the cost of electricity (I’ll calculate that later).

That’s not ideal, but not too bad.  The phone currently running was purchased for another project, so it’s not part of my cost analysis, but I bought it on sale for $19.99 plus tax at Best Buy.  I wish I had bought more!w

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