I already read the Economist.  I get it from my uncle but I’ve meant to subscribe, so when I read that Swagbucks was offering 1500 points as a reward for a $12.00 subscription, I had to sign up.  The nice thing is that on Swagbucks, I turn in all my points for $5.00 Amazon gift cards.  Unlike other rewards, those cards cost 450 points for $5.00 instead of 500.  This means each point is worth $0.0111 instead of $0.01.  It’s a small difference but it adds up over time.

With this deal, the 1500 points I just earned is worth $16.65.  It cost me $12.00 to earn so my return is $4.65 – a 39.75% margin on something I do anyway!  I’ll take that ANY day.

Money for the Economist on Swagbucks
I already wanted to subscribe to the Economist, and doing so via Swagbucks netted me $4.65.

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