Great Swagbucks Offer Worth $30.00

Swagbucks has been offering up great special offers recently.  InstaGC and Perk also offer these types of money-making opportunities (you sign up for a free trial period, and earn rewards, or something similar), but Swagbucks offers more money per trial and also better trials/offers.

Today I saw that Maven/Julep has an offer with Swagbucks in order to promote their monthly makeup box subscription.  I’ve been wanting to buy a present for my girlfriend anyway so I decided to check out the offer.

It’s awesome.

One box of lipstick and nail polish which would normally cost $24.99 is free with the code SWAGBUCKSFREE.  You do have to pay shipping – $2.99 – but that’s already a good deal.  But the BEST part is that you are also paid 800 SB’s for the privilege!

I only redeem my SB’s for $5.00 Amazon gift cards so 800 SB’s is worth$8.88 for me, but if you redeem for other things it’s worth $8.00.  So at a minimum, if you don’t count the value of the product, you are earning $5.01.  If you count the box, you can earn, at a minimum, $30.00!

That is huge beer money.  I’m not counting this as an earning thing because I’m only counting cash or cash-like value as part of the $1,000.00 goal.


Ordered a $24.99 box at Julep for Free via Swagbucks!

Swagbucks offers a code for a free box, a $24.99 value. You have to sign up for a monthly box but once the SB’s post, you can cancel your subscription.

Julep shipping screen.

I ha to pay for shipping, but $2.99 for a free $24.99 gift AND being paid 800 Swagbucks for the privilege makes that so worth it.

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