2016-09-13 - rvb - August Acorns Account StatementThis month my Acorns investment account earned $0.73 in dividends, which were reinvested, however, over-all it lost $9.80 in value and paid $1.00 in fees.

This is a total loss of $10.80, which isn’t what I’d like to see, but since I’m in the investment game for the long haul, I’m okay with it.  I have to expect the value to fluctuate as the market does.

So long as I am making money in the long-run, I’m happy with a few setbacks, and my Acorns account is currently making 5.5% Y/Y so I’m happy.  As a comparison, the normal saving’s account rate is around 0.5% and inflation is coming up around 2%.

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