Hey All,

Right now Swagbucks has a sale on $5.00 Walmart gift cards.  Right now they are a great value at 440 SB’s each.  Previously the best value was $5.00 Amazon cards at 450 SB’s.  Why this is important is that normally your SB’s are worth $0.01 each, but if you buy a $5.00 Walmart gift card, your SB’s are worth ~$0.014 which is a 40% increase in value.

This isn’t a lot, but if you have many SB’s it adds up quickly.  For example, if you buy $40 in Walmart cards, you spend 3,520 SB’s rather than 4,000 as would be normal.   4,000 – 3,520 = 480…which is another $5.00 of value with 40 SB’s left over!  That’s a 12.5% bonus in actual value!

Go get ’em!

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