Alright so the 440 SB Walmart GC’s (gift cards) at Swagbucks are no longer available.  Now $5.00 Walmart cards will cost you 500 SB (Swag Bucks).  However, that does not mean there are not deals to be had.

The Blue Dolphin Magazine $5.00 GC is only 250 SB’s meaning your SB’s are worth DOUBLE what they normally are.  $5.00 at CVS is only 470 SB’s which is a nice premium, but the standard is still the best: $5.00 GC at is 450 SB’s giving you a 12% premium on the normal value of an SB.

Why is Amazon the best you might ask?  Because of the high volume of goods Amazon sells and the fact that there is no restriction on either the storage of your GC value or the time with which you have to spend it – meaning Amazon GC value is almost same as cash, it’s just slightly less portable.

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