Previously, I bought four Kyocera Events to set up a Perk TV farm for my girlfriend.  Perk allows five devices per person and I had $25 in Walmart gift cards, so I went over to to check on phones.

They had a sale on the Samsung Galaxy Centura which runs Android 4.0 and has WiFi (Android 4.x is required for running Perk on an Android device).  I’ve heard it’s a bad phone, but I was told that about the Kyocera Event as well and that’s worked great for Perk so far.

I do not normally shop at Walmart and, truthfully, I have no idea where the closest one is.  The reason I turned in my points for a Walmart card is that they were on sale on Swagbucks for 440 SB’s for a $5.00 card.

From the perspective of a beer money earner I found Walmart annoying for a few reasons:

1) Unlike Amazon, you can’t combine gift cards unless you go into their physical store…that’s stupid for consumers, smart for them.

2) Walmart only allows five cards registered in your account at any one time…so if you don’t GO to Walmart and combine cards there, the most I could hope to have is $25.00 worth of credit – of course, if I bought $10, $15, $100 Walmart gift cards the maximum would be different…but compare to Amazon which limits your gift card balance to INFINITY.

3) You can only apply four of the five stored cards to any single order – again, bad for consumers good for Walmart.  I couple only knock off $20, rather than $25 of this $29.99 phone and for no good reason – very frustrating.

I hope this phone works well because I felt used shopping at Walmart.  About the only good thing that happened was that I earned 3 Swag Bucks per dollar because I opened the Walmart store through the Swagbucks site.

I bought a phone for my GF's Perk farm using Walmart GC's and my bank account.
Walmart has two disadvantages when compared to Amazon: only five gift cards registered on your account at once and only four gift cards allowed per order.

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