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Right now if you search “Amazon” on Bing, an add will pop up in the bottom offering a free 340 points on Bing Rewards.  Bing Rewards is Microsoft’s way of taking people away from Google.  Bing sucks as a search engine but it pays a small amount each day (depending on your Bing status) for a certain number of searches – usually 20 to 30.  Additionally there are occasional rewards for doing something for Bing like looking for a Microsoft store on their map program.

But today, just for searching “Amazon” you can earn 340 points which is the cost of a $3.00 Amazon GC (unless you are a Gold member in which case the cost is 330).  This works for people who already have an account!  I just did it and it worked.

One word of warning, if you turn in the points immediately they are worth less than if you hold out for the $5.00 Amazon card.  Here’s the math for a $3.00 Amazon card for non-Gold and Gold level members:


$3 x 100 cents = 300 cents -> 300 cents/340 points = 0.88 cents/point -> each point is worth $0.0088

$5 x 100 cents = 500 cents -> 500 cents/525 points = 0.95 cents/point -> each point is worth $0.0095


$3 x 100 cents = 300 cents -> 300 cents/330 points = 0.91 cents/point -> each point is worth $0.0091

$5 x 100 cents = 500 cents -> 500 cents/475 points = 1.05 cents/point -> each point is worth $0.0105

As you can see, it pays to wait for $5.00 Amazon card and pays even more to wait while you earn Gold status (you do this by doing a certain number of searches).

Of course, there are many more rewards on Bing Rewards, but I used Amazon here as a comparison because of the promotion.

Check out Bing Rewards here, or look for my guides on the right (coming soon)!

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