Acorns lost $14.03 in total this month – $2.21 in dividends paid against a stock price appreciation of ($16.24).

Betterment reported quarterly earnings of $350.86 including $41.35 in dividends and $309.51 in stock price appreciation.

Prosper returned $32.14 in interest payments (principle repayments are not registered here) – which is along it’s normal trajectory.

Swagbucks returned to normal, bringing in $20.00 through a combination of phone farm work and shopping rebates.

Perk returned $0.00 from phone farm activity since the phones were off this month.

Ebates returned $11.86 in shopping rebates (both online and in-store).

No courier services were done this month, and UserTesting brought in $210.00.

No trades were made this month.

Passive Income

The returns are summarized below:

  • Acorns: ($14.03)
  • Betterment: $350.86
  • General Rebates: $0.00
  • Prosper: $32.14
  • Swagbucks: $20.00
  • Perk: $0.00
  • Ebates: $11.86
  • Total passive income: $400.83

Non-Passive Income

The returns are as follows:

  • Courier Services w/o bonuses: $0.00
  • Courier Services bonuses: $0.00
  • UserTesting: $210.00
  • Total GPT income: $210.00


No trades made this month.

Hourly Rates Comparisons

While no contributor to Easy Beer Money earns money through online surveys, as a public service we do monitor several of survey providers including Vindale, Swagbucks, TellWut and Pollbuzzer. According to their published estimates on the time it would take to complete the surveys, the conclusion regarding doing online surveys is clear: DON’T DO ONLINE SURVEYS!

Hourly Rates By Type:

  • GPT: $120.00
  • Passive: $24,049.80
  • Survey (inactive): DO NOT DO ONLINE SURVEYS
  • Trades: $0.00

It should be noted that these earnings number are not net of taxes and other costs and fees, and any potential tax credits from the investment losses.

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