Today I started testing an Android crypto mining app from MinerGate (external link).  For today I have it set to mine Monero (XMR)  The phones I’m running the miner on have an aggregate mining power of just under 20 H/s, which at today’s difficulty and value for Monero coins will generate $1.19 a month – significantly less than either Perk or Swagbucks.

At current exchange rates I would need at least 960 H/s of mining power to match what I’m getting from Perk and Swagbucks.

The theoretical upper limit of my two phone farms (with five phones each) is ~50 H/s, or ~5% of the power I need.

The purpose of doing this, therefore is two-fold:

  1. because both Swagbucks and Perk require user intervention, I’m wondering how stable MinerGate’s app is – could I just leave it be for weeks on end with no intervention?
  2. if I could set up a rig that could mine enough crypto to replace Swagbucks and Perk, what are the likely energy costs?


There is the additional benefit of e.g. re-investing the earnings from the minings into a mining contract with MinerGate, or sitting on the coins until the price appreciates.

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