This weekend I took Lyft a few times.  Each Lyft ride came with a $1.00 rebate since I requested them from within the Ebates (internal link) app on my phone.

I’m lucky enough to live in an urban place, so I can take advantage of the cheaper options Lyft offers – shared rides.  A $1.00 discount on the price of a shared ride can be quite substantial.  For example one of the rides from this past weekend cost $6.71, so a $1.00 rebate amounted to ~15%.  Another ride was $4.00, so the rebate amounted to 25%.

Even on a more expensive ride, it’s worth it to me to use Ebates since any rebate is better than no rebate at all!

Of course, on Ebates you can earn rebates at thousands of stores.  Check out Ebates through this special link and earn a free $10.00 bonus when you buy $25.00 worth of anything!



  1. Hi everyone: I was given a $250 lyft gift card but I don’t use it? Does anyone need me to call them a lyft? I will gladly do it I just want to convert my gift card to cash. And I’ll give you $5-$10 off any ride I request for you if you need one just text me @xxx-xxx-xxxx

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