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On Swagbucks (internal link) there are a lot of ways to get some easy beer money – some worthwhile (like SBTV) and some not (like surveys).

Today I saw an ad for Swagbucks Coupons, a seemingly new service.  I checked it out and it’s a pretty good source of beer money SB’s.  According to Swagbucks’ rules for couponing, for each coupon used, you’ll earn 25 SB’s (currently $0.25) plus whatever savings you earn at the store in question.

While I love a good deal, I usually don’t use coupons since they take too much time to use – you have to find them, cut them out, take them to the store, go to the store they apply to, get only the products they pertain to…you get the picture.  For rebates I prefer store loyalty programs and services like Mogl, or Groupon Local, or Swagbucks Local since they are instantaneous and frictionless – and that means high earnings per time spent.

But this couponing scheme is different.  Why?  Swagbucks will credit you 1 SB per coupon printed, up to 100 coupons each day.

Certainly you’re asking now, how this makes any sense given the costs of printer ink or toner, paper and the electricity to run the damn thing.  That is an excellent question, and, were I printing 100 coupons a day on paper (which today would come to 82 sheets if printed one-sided and without changing the zoom) I would be spending more than I’m making.

The answer: don’t print.  I print the 100 coupons to PDF in one fell swoop (you can select all the coupons with a button click, and then print in one print job) and I still get the 100 SB’s.

Just print to PDF – the store can still scan the coupon and you save on ink and paper!

The whole thing takes a few minutes, which comes to about $30 an hour all in all.  I’ll take that earnings rate any day!

Use this link to sign up for Swagbucks and earn a bonus!

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