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Today I noticed I had over 1000 SB’s in my Swagbucks (internal link) account.  I decided to redeem them for a gift card and since each SB is worth $0.01 I loaded the gift cards worth at least $10.00 and sorted the list to show the cheapest one’s at the top of the list.

Swagbucks often has sales on gift card redemptions and lo and behold today some $10 gift cards were discounted up to 20%!  I love pizza and I like Domino’s but today I ended up choosing the $10 iTunes gift card.

Here’s the kicker: while the gift card was discounted by 20%, that means I traded $8.00 (800 SB’s) for $10.00, which is a return of 25% – (value – investment)/investment = ROI.

I love free money, but I love free money making me free money even more!

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