I’ve been wading back into the often murky depths of Cryptocurrencies over the last several months and with good results.

Crypto currencies are, in general, on a tear. Everyone is winning because, I think, consumer knowledge of crypto, especially Bitcoin is going through the roof and people are buying in. More money comes in, the price rises, new all-time highs propel more coverage, more conversations, bringing in more money and the price keeps being pumped.

Many coins follow BTC when it rises, so good profit can be had there as well.

I’ve invested in crypto which I think offers real utility, and, therefore, will be shielded from the eventual bubble bursting. To that effect, with Net Neutrality about to be wrecked in the United States and ISP’s selling browsing history to the highest bidder I’m investing in coins with a heavy emphasis on privacy and transaction utility – that means DASH and ZEC.

Today I bought a 1 year ZEC mining contract at Hashflare (external link).  I spent $99.60 on 83 H/s of power, which means at present prices the contract will break even in 149.37 days – unless the price of ZEC goes up.

ZEC is trading at a high level now, so it’s pretty risky to get into a mining contract, but I believe in the privacy of ZEC and therefore the utility of the coin to the world, especially at a time when governments are cracking down on privacy the World over.  In that, I see ZEC as similarly useful to the way DASH is.

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