This month will show a radical increase in earnings in the passive category because income streams like Betterment, Acorns and Aspiration which report quarterly will show earnings in December which were earned over the entire fourth quarter of 2017.

As usual, on a per-hour basis, nothing beats the passive category. Even if you adjust the $8500 per hour earning rate of the passive category for the quarterly reporting of several sources, it will still eclipse the respectable $32 per hour rate of the “get paid to…” or GPT category.

Passive Income

Of the passive income streams which reported this month, rebates from loyalty programs dwarfed other sources. In fact, the second highest passive stream generated only ~15.5% of the income rebates did. This is likely due to increased shopping because of the holidays.

Though not all passive income sources reported this month (since many report on a quarterly schedule), as usual, the passive income streams well outperformed non-passive sources on an hourly earnings basis – see below.

Non-Passive Income

Non-passive, “GPT” earnings this month totaled $431.32, compared to total reported passive income of $708.41. Where converting Perk and Swagbucks points to cash took 5 minutes, GPT income required ~13.3 hours to accumulate in total.

This month, the only GPT income of note was working as a courier.

Hourly Rates Comparisons

While no contributor to Easy Beer Money earns money through online surveys, as a public service announcement we do monitor several of survey providers including Vindale, Swagbucks, TellWut and Pollbuzzer. According to their published estimates on the time it would take to complete the surveys, the hourly income rate from surveys during December 2017 would be $6.51.

This month we have reported passive income from: Acorns, Aspiration, Betterment, loyalty program rebates, Perk, Prosper, Swagbucks and Ebates.

The returns are as follows:

  • Acorns: $16.71, including $7.55 in dividends.
  • Aspiration: $36.07
  • Betterment: $570.75, including $32.88 in dividends.
  • Loyalty programs: $5.00
  • Perk: $2.00
  • Prosper: $31.84
  • Swagbucks: $35.00
  • Ebates: $11.04
  • Total passive income: $708.41
    • Total hourly earnings rate: $8500.92

Non-passive or GPT income was reported from courier services, and Field Agent.

The returns are as follows:

  • Courier services: $419.32, including $51.00 in bonuses.
  • Field Agent: $12.00
  • Total GPT income: $431.32
    • Total hourly earnings rate: $32.45

The average combined hourly rate for GPT activities in total was a respectable $32.45 prior to taxes and costs. The average hourly earnings per source was $31.26.  It is worth noting the power of free money here.  If you compare the hourly rate of courier deliveries before and after bonuses, the difference in per hour earnings is almost $4.00 ($28.57 v. $32.53).

This month, total earnings (including quarterly earnings) came to $1,139.73 gross (prior to taxes, maintenance, depreciation. and other costs).

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