We needed some home items, so as usual I turned first to one of my regular stores the loyalty program of which I have signed up for.  This store gives loyalty rebates back as points with a dollar value when applied to purchases. After applying all my points, to complete the purchase I would have to spend about $26.00 out of pocket.  To make up for this short-fall I went to mygiftcardsplus.com (external link) and bought a $25.00 gift card to that particular retailer, a purchase which I earned 3% back in SwagBucks (external link) points. It took some extra effort but I was able to buy a few hundred dollars worth of new things at a significant rebate andRead More →

I try to donate 10% of my passive earnings from my phone farm to charity through the KarmaKarma platform. I like KarmaKarma because of the wide variety of categories and charities, allowing me to choose where my money goes. Today I bought two treatments for a person suffering from malaria in the Democratic Republic of Congo and provided money to relief efforts in Nepal.Read More →