Today I started testing an Android crypto mining app from MinerGate (external link).  For today I have it set to mine Monero (XMR)  The phones I’m running the miner on have an aggregate mining power of just under 20 H/s, which at today’s difficulty and value for Monero coins will generate $1.19 a month – significantly less than either Perk or Swagbucks. At current exchange rates I would need at least 960 H/s of mining power to match what I’m getting from Perk and Swagbucks. The theoretical upper limit of my two phone farms (with five phones each) is ~50 H/s, or ~5% of the power I need. The purpose of doing this, therefore is two-fold: because both Swagbucks andRead More →

Today I bought my second crypto currency mining contract.  Previously I bought a one year contract to mine Dash at Hashflare but today I bought a one yer contract to mine Bitcoins at Mining Fit.  The total cost of the contract cost 0.01 BTC or ~US$76.00 at time of purchase (including network fees) for a guaranteed daily return of between 0.00005 and 0.0001 BTC. At current exchange rates, I will be even and begin showing a profit between 10 and 200 days. I will report more here as the mining progresses. Mining Fit only accepts BTC as payment.  I have a wallet at Coinbase (external link) where I also “crypto cost average” invest in Bitcoin by buying small amounts automatically eachRead More →