BTC is falling, and I think it is going to keep falling but eventually rebound. So I bought a BTC contract at HashFlare at 30% off – use code HF18INET404. The reason I’m buying a contract now is that each payout will net larger and larger sums of BTC since the price is falling. I think it’s like dollar cost averaging down a dip. If the price rebounds as I think it will, then I’ll have more BTC appreciating than I otherwise would. Nice!Read More →

Hashflare is turning 3 today. To celebrate, they are offering two discount codes. HF18BDAY30 gives 30% off any mining contract purchase – but hurry because it’s limited to 10,000 contracts, first come first served! If HF18BDAY30 doesn’t work, then HF18SPRNGSL10 will give 10% off. I just bought 0.3 TH/s of SHA-256 hashing power for $25.00, which should generate ~$68.35 over the course of the year of the contract, assuming no price change in BTC. Obviously, I’m hoping for BTC price to tumble over the year (thus giving me more BTC per hash) then rebound after the contract expires!Read More →

Today I reinvested my earnings from my bitcoin mining contract with mining fit. On November 9th of 2017 I bought a one year mining contract for 0.01 BTC. The contract has been returning 1% each day or 365% per year, and paid for itself on February 16th of this year – three months and one week for breaking even. Today I decided to reinvest and bought another contract for 0.01 BTC. Now I have two contracts, both returning 1% daily. I expect, therefore, to break even on the new contract in about one month and 20 days. So far I have been VERY happy with Mining Fit. Check out Mining Fit (referral link) for yourself and see if it willRead More →