This weekend I took Lyft a few times.  Each Lyft ride came with a $1.00 rebate since I requested them from within the Ebates (internal link) app on my phone. I’m lucky enough to live in an urban place, so I can take advantage of the cheaper options Lyft offers – shared rides.  A $1.00 discount on the price of a shared ride can be quite substantial.  For example one of the rides from this past weekend cost $6.71, so a $1.00 rebate amounted to ~15%.  Another ride was $4.00, so the rebate amounted to 25%. Even on a more expensive ride, it’s worth it to me to use Ebates since any rebate is better than no rebate at all!Read More →

Today I had to buy some supplies for the house. The total came to ~$100.00. I could have gone to the store, but instead I decided to buy the products on Why? Currently Ebates (internal link) is offering 8% back on orders at Overstock. I’m also an Overstock Gold member so I get 5% back in store credit on every order (it costs $20 a year, but if you don’t make more than $20 in rebates, Overstock picks up the difference to make the effective cost $0.00). But then I also put it on my credit card (which I pay off each month) so I got another 3% back on the purchase price. All of these rebates are exclusiveRead More →

Had to buy a few things for the house. I bought them at and Ebates paid a rebate of 10% back on the full purchase price. If you want to check out Ebates, see our page (internal link) or click here (referral link) for a free $10.00 bonus when you spend $25 on any order made through them!Read More →