This week EasyShift (external link) is running a bonus. For each five beverage display check jobs completed, they will send a bonus of $5.00 on top of the normal payment. In our experience EasyShift usually pays anywhere from $3.00-7.00 per task, so an extra dollar is a good increase in earnings (at least as a percentage) – 33% to 14% increase in pay!Read More →

Hi All, Starting September, 2017, we will be changing our format slightly.  Rather than report all earnings when they happen,  earnings activity will be reported monthly. We hope this change will make our content more accessible and more convenient to the reader. We will continue to report on and include apps we use on a regular basis, but the individual earnings posts will disappear. Please also look for some changes to our results page. As always, thanks for reading!Read More →

A new bank just launched!  Beam (external link), a new online bank is promising guaranteed 2-4% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on a normal checking account. This is not an securities offer, but a normal interest bearing checking account – no tokens, certificates, bonds, stocks or anything else to buy. Better yet, there are no fees.  They claim to be able to give such high interest rates and not collect fees by giving a larger percentage of their return on deposits back to the depositors.  In other words, they are leveraging the efficiencies of the open internet and automation to maximize returns and minimize overhead. The money deposited in Beam is loaned to others in purportedly stable and safe markets – as almost allRead More →