The term “Get Paid To” or “GPT” has become a term of art in the side-gig community. It refers generally to extremely short-term engagements, usually returning a modest or fractional remuneration. Phone app like Perk or SwagBucks which reward the user for engaging with ads, clicking links, playing videos, playing games or answering surveys can be classified as “GPT” programs.

This blog characterizes any short-term program for money without normal hours as “GPT” until that activity takes on the characteristics of a normal job – i.e. more regular hours, a regular schedule, and/or many hours spent at the same task.

For example, regularly driving for Lyft or Uber would not be classified here as GPT, though doing tasks on Mobee or Easy Shift would be, for the simple reason that earning on something like Mobee is haphazard and cannot be made regular.

For the purposes of this blog, we will count driving for only a couple hours every now and again for Lyft, Uber, Caviar, Postmates, etc. as GPT since it fits within our definition.

How to Find Cheap Phones for Swagbucks or Perk

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These guides are not meant to be help guides for actually using the service (i.e. how to sign up, how to order rewards, etc.) but...

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Swagbucks is a varied and extensive website.  However, it is easier to understand and use than, for example, Perk.  Swagbucks has only one currency, "swagbucks"...

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